All systems are go!

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  • Voice Servers

    Call Processing, Recording, Portal

    • Ottawa (YOW)
    • Calgary (YYC)
    • Vancouver (YVR)
  • Applications (AWS YUL)

    Conduit, Custom Applications and Databases

  • Upstream Carriers
Upcoming Maintenance

[Scheduled] Regular Maintenance (Daily from Midnight to 2:00 AM MST)

  • Ottawa (YOW)
  • Calgary (YYC)
  • Voice Servers
  • Applications (AWS YUL)
  • Upstream Carriers
  • Vancouver (YVR)

We regularly upgrade and backup systems nightly and most often with no known impact to the network, servers or portals. If a Geo Datacenter is impacted (Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa or Montreal), we will automatically fail over prior to the maintenance to ensure calls are not impacted.

[Scheduled] Planned Calgary Datacenter Move with Significant Maintenance and Hardware Upgrades

  • Calgary (YYC)

Our technicians will be performing significant maintenance at our Datacenter and during this time, all calls will be routed through one of the redundant Datacenters and we anticipate that they will continue to operate as normal. The following features may experience brief, intermittent interruptions during this time as we update DNS entries and DNS propagation:

  • Phone Registrations including Do Not Disturb, Directories, Message Waiting Indicators
  • Client Portal Access
  • Mobile iOS and Android Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Softphones
  • SIP Trunk registrations

The maintenance includes:

  • New Tier 3 Datacenter (datacenter move) for additional security and reliability with additional certifications
  • New voice servers with increased capacity for growth and in advance of new features for early 2022

Preparations that may be helpful at the client site:

  • For SIP trunks users, please ensure you are using the FQDN of and not using an IP Address
  • Whitelist the following IP's if you restrict in your firewalls: through
  • Reboot phones if they are unregistered at any time and not able to make or receive calls

If you experience any issue please contact support.

Previous Incidents

[Resolved] Inbound calls to small subset of Bell numbers failing

Began: Ended: Duration:
  • Upstream Carriers

We are aware of inbound calls to Bell numbers failing in western Canada.

This is a small subset of numbers

We have already engaged the carrier on this and they have a tech onsite working to resolve as quickly as possible.

The following rate centers may experience inbound call completion issues.

Red Deer Lethbridge Saskatoon

We are actively monitoring.

Additional rate centres that may experience inbound calling issues on the Bell network.

Grande Prairie - AB Abbotsford - BC Nanaimo - BC Whalley - BC

We continue to monitor.

Bell has dispatched their technicians to investigate an issue at one of their Central Offices in Calgary.

They are actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We are actively monitoring and will update once we have more information.

At this time, Bell has indicated the inbound calling issues have been resolved.

We are waiting on an RFO (Reason For Outage) from them and will provide here once received.

All inbound calls from Bell are reaching us correctly and not showing any issues.

We will provide the post mortem here once we receive it from them.

We thank you for your patience.

[Resolved] Inbound calls to Telus DID's failing to connect

Began: Ended: Duration:
  • Ottawa (YOW)
  • Voice Servers
  • Upstream Carriers
  • Vancouver (YVR)
  • Calgary (YYC)

We are aware of an issue with some calls not reaching our network. Telus has confirmed an issue (our upstream carrier) causing some calls not to complete.

Giving busy signals, calls cannot be completed as dialed, or not in service messages.

Telus is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it quickly.

Telus is continuing to work on the issue and has significant resources looking for a quick resolution. We'll update this ticket again shortly.

Latest update from Telus.

"This outage impacted many of our customers. And all of our teams are working on this issue to resolve as quickly as possible."

We are monitoring closely with Telus on this.

Latest Update

Telus is reporting to us, "they anticipate fixing the issue by End of day."

We are working to understand what that means for an actual time of fix.

This is the latest update from Telus.

" Our apologies that we do not have more information to share at this moment.

Our Tier 3 teams continue to collaborate via video to rectify the issue.

We do not believe this is a DDOS attack.

We will keep this ticket updated hourly at the latest or when we have information to share. "

We continue to monitor closely with them.

latest update from Telus

"Our highest Tiers continue to collaborate to fix this ongoing issue.

We will update again in 30 mins or when we have information. "

We continue to monitor closely with Telus.

At this time we are seeing previously reported DID's are no longer having issues reaching our system. We are still waiting for an official update from Telus but at this time, we are seeing all inbound calls reaching our systems.

We will update with a full RFO once it is received.

As of 7:00a MST, we are still showing all inbound calls are reaching our servers correctly.

We are monitoring closely and waiting for an official update from Telus.

We have received reports of similar symptoms happening again. We have confirmed this is only on Telus DID's.

We have provided all necessary information to them and they are investigating with high urgency.

Telus is still investigating with high urgency.

This is the latest response from them.

"Please note that the internal teams have been notified and they are reviewing the issue at the moment. We will keep you posted with updates."

We are continuing to monitor.

Telus has identified the cause of the inbound call issues and is actively working to implement a fix for this.

We are continuing to monitor.

Telus is continuing to work to implement a fix and working as quickly as they can.

We will update here as soon as we have move information on this.

We continue to monitor.

We see calls progressing normally, but monitoring and engaged with Telus engineering 24/7 for final resolution.

Contact support if you are experiencing any ongoing issues receiving calls

we are still showing inbound calls to Telus DID's are reaching us properly.

Telus is investigating the root cause and will provide a full post mortem reason for this.

We will provide here once we receive it.

All inbound calls from Telus are reaching us correctly and not showing any issues.

We will provide the post mortem here once we receive it from them.

We thank you for your patience.

No further notices from the past 7 days.