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Maintenance impacting Phone System

Please contact support at 611 for additional information or assistance.

Advisory - No Action Required

Category - Software Upgrade

Description - SIgnificant Software Upgrade to Voice Servers (Geo)

Impact - Low\Medium - Disruption of ability to make or receive calls may occur during the upgrade window, but outages are not expected.

Location - Calgary

Planned Start - 2018-03-29 22:00 Mountain (Alberta)

Planned End - 2018-03-29 23:59 Mountain (Alberta)

We are doing a significant update to the software with the following enhancements:

- Standard server maintenance and bug fixes

- SMS support

- Graphical Button Mapping Tool release for Yealink devices (other brands to follow)

- Recording support for G.722 Wideband Codec

- Gravatar support for Web Phone

- Recycle or Repurpose a single user

- Time of Day Routing for telephone numbers (eliminates the need for Time Control users)

- Remove requirement to record greeting when setting up a voicemail box

- Allow users to see recording status (yes/no recording saved) in call history but not listen

- Enforce stronger Voicemail PIN

- Hotdesking improvements

- Localized Email templates for French language (voicemail notifications, welcome, password resets, etc.)

Maintenance impacting Phone System

Advisory - No Action Required

Category - Device Failover Testing (Geo)

Description - Geographic Device Failover Testing (Geo)

Impact - Medium- multiple outages can be expected of up to 10 minutes each.

Location - Calgary\Ottawa Nodes (Currently staged in Calgary)

Planned Start - 2018-03-10 08:00 AM Mountain (Alberta) - HOLIDAY EASTER FRIDAY

Planned End - 2018-03-10 09:59 AM Mountain (Alberta) - HOLIDAY EASTER FRIDAY

We are doing device failover tests between Geo Nodes to confirm the re-registration of devices to ensure proper behaviour in the future unlikely event we need to move call traffic from one Datacenter or another or load balance calls between Datacenters. This is purely a test of phone registration and Core Phone services like AA, Queues, voicemail, etc. should not be affected by this test.

This test is in advance of moving equipment into the Ottawa Datacenter this spring and is occurring during a planned maintenance window. This is a 2-hour test window to allow us to thoroughly test various scenarios and perform multiple tests while collecting statistics.

There is a possibility that some calls will not be able to be made or received from the handset for up to 10 minutes at a time during this time. We expect desk phones to un-register from the Calgary Node and re-register on the Ottawa Node and then back again to the re-register at the Calgary Node.

This device registration process can take a few minutes and we will gather the timing statisitcs for future reference during the testing. Phones may show as unregistered during the testing and registration processes. Additionally -- manually configured phones, like some older phone models, some older firmware and mobile\desktop softphones will not failover - this is expected behavior and anticipated and will be out of service during the test periods of up to 10 minutes each.

Please contact support at 611 if you require further details or information.


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