Incident impacting DC Infrastructure

Due to the power issues at the Vancouver POP, we have taken the location out of service while we move to an upgraded datacenter facility and perform upgrades. Vancouver DNS has been adjusted to point to Calgary to ensure all phones are functioning as expected during this maintenance.

Georedundancy is also still available to all users to ensure an optimal experience across the Calgary and Ottawa POPs

If there are any questions please contact support at 611 or email support.

Status remaining
Fully Operational

Impact: Medium to Low - Intermittent Service Interruptions may occur for a small subset of users on the Vancouver voice server

Location: Vancouver

Our front line team has identified a service affecting incident involving our Vancouver voice server that is affecting a small number of users. We have moved all traffic to one of the geographically redundant servers and are working with anyone who has a static registration

Please be advised that if you are having issues with calls, please reboot your device. If it persists please reach out to support for assistance.

Our engineering team is working diligently towards a resolution and we will keep you apprised of any updates, please contact support at 611 for further details if required.

Status changed to
Fully Operational
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