Incident impacting Upstream Providers

The upstream carrier has confirmed that all work is complete and all numbers are working as expected.

Status remaining
Fully Operational

Technicians are seeing some affected numbers receiving calls however the upstream carrier continues to work on the issue as some calls continue to fail.

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

Status remaining
Fully Operational

Due to an outage in Winnipeg, some numbers routed through upstream carriers in the area are unable to be reached. We continue to maintain 100% availability at this time and are working closely with the upstream carrier to monitor the small subset of numbers that are affected. If you have any questions please reach out to support.

Carrier Message:

"There was a major fire in the York hydro station in Winnipeg, causing substantial damage and outages throughout the city. Most of their voice services are restored but inbound to Manitoba is not yet. They are currently sending replacement equipment that is expected to arrive this evening. They are aiming for a return to service early tomorrow morning.

No ETA yet but they are also emergency porting DIDs over to a different carrier routing to undamaged equipment."

Status changed to
Fully Operational
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