Incident impacting DC Infrastructure

Utility power has been successfully restored. The Ottawa datacenter has been transferred from the generators back to utility power. There is a possibility of minor disruptions as Hydro Ottawa continues assessment and repairs although this should have no customer impact.

Status changed to
Fully Operational

Advisory - No Action Required

Category - Informational

Description - Utility Power Outage - Ottawa Datacenter

Impact - Low

Location - Ottawa

No change in status. Utility power has not been restored yet.

Due to severe weather which impacted the Ottawa/Gatineau area, multiple utility transfer stations have been affected and large areas of the Ottawa region are without power.

The datacenter is still running on generator power, as designed, and fuel has been supplied to the site. The site will continue to operate on generator, with UPS/battery backup until such time as utility power is restored. There is no customer impact.

All site generators are designed and maintained to operate during utility outages; and the site is not at full generator capacity which should extend the run time. Should the Ottawa region power outages extend more than a few days, generators will need to be taken into maintenance bypass. This would mean only one backup generator operating without additional redundancy for the period of the maintenance.

Calgary and Vancouver Datatcenters are geographically providing redundancy, with most device registrations and most calls being handled by the Calgary Datacenter during this period.

Status changed to
Degraded Performance
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