Incident impacting Upstream Providers

Upstream Carrier Update:

"We apologize for the issues with our voice service you have been experiencing. Some of our voice infrastructure resides in address space provided by a third party for redundancy. We have been experiencing poor network connectivity with this third party which has been causing some calls to have poor quality. We conducted emergency maintenance coordinated with this third party tonight (2018-09-05) at 4:30 PM PDT to resolve the issue. The maintenance was completed successfully and initial results are positive. We regret any inconvenience in the mean time."

We are continuing to monitor call quality for the subset of clients effected and will provide any further updates from the carrier.

Status remaining
Fully Operational

A small subset of our clients with services delivered through an upstream carrier are experiencing intermittent call quality issues, specifically in smaller rate centers or remote areas in western Canada.

We are diligently monitoring for degraded call quality and we are working directly with the carrier to arrive at a resolution as soon as possible.

Status changed to
Fully Operational
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