Incident impacting Web Portal

Reason for Failure (RFF):

During the investigation, we were able to determine that a remote source was attempting to mass download config's for phones on our provisioning server. We have blocked this IP and stabilized the server.

No system or customer/phone data was accessed during the attempts due to our thorough security but a denial of service was intermittently experienced due to the volume of requests until the source location was determined and blocked.

Status remaining
Fully Operational

The phone inventory is working as expected now and we are monitoring the situation for any other problems.

Status changed to
Fully Operational

Category - Degraded Performance

Description - Provisioning server access is slowed/unavailable for some users and phones.

Impact - Low

Location - Calgary

There is an issue causing the Phones inventory to become unresponsive. The rest of the Manager Portal is working as expected. Some phones may also have trouble pulling a new configuration during this time. We are investigating the problem and hope to have it resolved shortly.

This is not Service impacting, all phones currently configured will operate without issues.

Status changed to
Degraded Performance
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